...and a great deal of sadness and regret, we must be saying goodbye to purvis. It has been his own choice to leave, and hopefully i speak for most of us when i say we hope to see him back around here in the future, even if that would be dragging him back into the abyss of hell that is us tongue.gif.

With that being said, we consequently lose one of our moderating staff. Which brings up the issue of what to do. In regards to this, barring massive outrage, we've decided to leave us with the remaining moderators until election time and not grab someone new for a relatively short ammount of time.

Now depending on how we run elections (picking formal dates for each year, length of timestaggering between mod and oversight elections so that we have smooth changeovers, ammount of voting time and systems), its looking likely that at the very least over the next few days/weeks we'll at least be having some. So please bear with us.