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Full Version: Greek Gods,are They Really Just Venerated Mortals?
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and so it begins
Hell, I think I might take this one. Which side do you want?
i'll take the venerated mortals side.
Alright. It's likely to be Monday before I can dive in. I guess we can call your case the affirmative, so feel free to post your case between now and then.

(Don't forget to define your major terms: "venerated," "mortal," and "Gods," and whatever else you include in your affirmative topic sentence.)
*feels abandoned*
*you're not the only one that has to do research*
I'm just rereading a book on the greek god's.
QUOTE (purvisxiii @ Oct 31 2003, 07:03 PM)
Alright. It's likely to be Monday before I can dive in.

which monday??? november 3rd or 10th?
It was the third, but whenever.
There's not much known about Greek gods so I will just go with what I do know. In the Christian religion, the Saints were real people that did extraordinary things. They then became more than *ordinary* by being beatified, venerated and finally becoming a saint. In my opinion, the Gods of ancient Greece were just like our Saints. They were ordinary people (mortals) that were remembered because of the extraordinary things they did. They would be much like the Native American Shamans [thus, they were magic men (gods)]. In the Iliad the Greek gods get involved in the Trojan war. During the battle, the Greek warrior Diomedes injures Aphrodite (Venus) on the arm. Diomedes also injures Ares (Mars) in the groin and almost kills him. The things that they were remembered for may well be shrouded in mist. I guess I have to explain the terms so here they are:
Venerated-worthy of adoration or reverence
Gods-any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
Mortal-a human being, subject to death

I'm still doing research so there'll be more to come.
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