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Full Version: America And The Npt
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The current gearing of American foreign policy with regards to proliferation and disarmament, as well as various other actions and inactions, have severely undermined the Non Proliferation Treaty.

Anyone wishing ot argue the negative?
A week and still no neo-con wants to play?
You have something against the freedom of sovreing nations to develop weapons as they see fit.

Its a good thing us Americans are still allowed our assulat rifles, otherwise the gov't would be taken over by fasicists like you.
the NPT isnt built on the foundations of america blindly signing 3 random treaties 30 years after the NPT.
Wanna play Russian?
youre uncharacteristic eagerness suggests that you have a website or other source with all youre arguments already written for you. Nevertheless i am more then capable of demolishing it.
And Muztard runs away like a pussy after Russian exposes him.
Whatever floats your boat. I have assignments in the next few days. After that, Russian gets his ass handed to him.

Patience, child
Okay, time to open up here. Sorry about the delay.

Long story short.
The NPT requires the following;
1/ That non nuclear signatories not seek to acquire nuclear weapons.
2/ That signatories not share nuclear technologies with non signatory nations
3/ That nuclear weapons states ( Great Britain, Russia,[taking over from the defunct USSR] France, US and China) are obligated to assist non-nuclear signatories with their peaceful nuclear applications programs.
4/ That nuclear weapons states seek to completely disarm and negotiate such disarmament in good faith.

The US has been guilty of aiding Israel with her nuclear weapons program, a program run outside of the NPT and thus making the US involvement illegal.

Support of the Israeli Osirak raid in 1981, when the US should have been aiding Iraq, as a signatory, as opposed to Israel, who was not.

The subsequent treatment of Iraq in the face of false accusations of attepting to illegally acquire nuclear materials, yet employing diplomacy in the face of North Korea and her known arsenal sends a message to all states likely to be on the bad side of US foreign relations, "Leave and/or violate the NPT and we will talk, otherwise we will invade."

Attempting to deny NPT signatories legitimate access to nuclear fuels for peaceful use reactors.
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