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Sir Buckethead
I want an actual debate, as in lincoln-douglas style (or whatever) with prior research and cohesive arguments and everything. An issue that's classical, but with contemporary application. Controversial, but academic.

Who's in?
I'm currently writing a 3 page persuasive paper for english, on the topic of welfare (against it). I could post it sometime, but i'm not going to do any effort beyond that.
Sir Buckethead
I'll pass on that, though if someone else wishes to take up the gauntlet be my guest.

Anyone else?
im writing my research paper right now in english, were i say in order to cut down on gang related violence and theft, we should require everyone to be naked. so they cna't have gang symbols, or hide guns, or steal stuff.

but not completely nekkid! im not indecent! they can wear a neck-belt with electronic restraining device. for saftey.

im gonna call it A Nudist Proposal

im so damn clever hehe.
purvisxiii you know how smugglers bring contraband into the country?

Maybe you should include some *erm* inspection ritual (think dog greeting crossed with prison check in) to replace handshakes...
hmm, you can't keep a gun in your ass.

but the neck belt is so key to my essay. without it, where would u put your wallet?
Im allwasy up for an duel on: gantanamo bay, USA sidestepping UN and the concequenses for it, USAīs failure in Afghanistan, USAīs mess in Iraq, Israel-palestinia conflict(what should be done), USAīs meddling in ME, USAīs "War on terrorism".

On all of these i will of course be against USA and Israel.
Sir Buckethead
I'll take the UN one.
Just start a thread and list the people participating in the title or beginning of the first post.
Sir Buckethead
What, more specifically, will be your position and argument on the sidestepping of the UN?
My main point will be that USA tries to dissmis UN becuse it doesn't surve USA's purposes, and thay would love if UN where dissolved, thus giving USA free reins in there foreign affairs. That i guess is what i will prove.

In short: USA will try to Overrun UN if it doesn't do as USA wants.

I will start the thread towmorrow i think, whit my opening arguments.
The dissolution of the UN means nothing ot how the US conducts itself, since they don't care anyway, but will loosen US control on nations they can't fully justify a war against, yet still want to slap down.
Attempts at trade sanctions won't work on a unilateral level, since rare goods of value will come in through third party countries and a lot of the other stuff, "Old" Europe will paly ball with them out of spite for Yankee Doodle.
Sir Buckethead
Christian, alright, we can start with that, but if you make a good enough case why dont we argue whether that is a good or bad thing?
im going on a trip to Cyprus the night to monday.. iīll be away a week.

I will make an answer in the duel then.. donīt have time right now..
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