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Full Version: bleach 65
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george zimmer
gah why am i still watching this. Kenpachi was the last cool thing to happen.

Well, ichigo's bankai was pretty cool too. and the whole turning kinda evil hing. Although nothing as cool kenpachi
Why are you posting this as an unregistered member?

There is already a thread for anime.......... if you only sign up tongue.gif
Cus he is banned LOL go watch zeta and enjoy your angst
George Zimmer
nah, i'm finally getting done with Full Metal Alchemist.

Its good, I guess. Just not first tier eva/bebop good. 2nd tier, like outlaw star. God though, bleach is terrible. When you go back and watch the first 18 episodes, then watch the last two, its like, holy wtf.

(although, again, bankai with groovy robe was damn cool)
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