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Full Version: New Ban Policy
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Effective Immediatly, the current ban policy out the window. We will be instituting a new, slightly harsher, but more progressive policy for repeat offenders.

Warnings at 20 and 40% now take a month to expire; warnings at 60% and above take two months. Note that this is the amount of time since your LAST warning. If I got a warning on June 5, and one on July 1, I don't go down a level on July 5.

Ban lengths are slightly altered as well.

Ban #1 (60%) still lasts a week.
Ban #2 (80%) lasts two weeks.
Ban #3 (100%) is a month-long nap, and gives you a thread in the mod room.

Please note that the length of the ban is NOT included in the expiration calculation.

Having said that, in the principle of charity, everyone not serving a permanent or indefinate ban goes to 0% right now. Those currently serving bans get the reset when they return from said ban.
Just to make it more explicit, on the advice of the staff: Warnings will not expire until after the ban expires. So, effectively, this means that, for example, at 60%, it takes a month and a week.
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