After conferring with Sastan and at least one moderator whose view on the matter I trust, I've come to a decision which, I feel, will accomplish the goal of a comprimise: it will please nobody.

Let me begin by saying with regards to the length of the initial ban that it may well have been excessive. However, there was a purpose to that threat: to discourage posts of a particular sort, which went beyond pleasant disagreeing, and to shaming, in the particular context that it was in. Context means a lot; this happening in the context of a political debate, where personal experience is relied upon, would be slightly different; as would attacks in flame wars.

My hope with the threat of a full month was that nobody would be foolish enough to call my bluff. After all, 24 hours might hardly seem worth it, and a regular week-long ban seemed a bit.. well... odd. I do not believe that Dakyron did not earn the original ban, but that we all may have been a bit carried away by the situation. We have the term "emotional handgrenade" for a reason.

It is in this view that I am reducing the length to 10 days total, which means that it now has 5 days left to run.