People seem to be under the impression that this is a fine Oversight tradition, and well, who am I to argue with OS tradition? But this will, hopefully, be a more amusing one due to a simple fact: I'm in a damned good mood.

Just started the second job yesterday; debt consolidation went through, dropping my interest by nearly 6%; and, best of all, my best friend, who has spent the past three or four weeks in and out of hospital, and even longer ill, seems to finally be better. This, alone, is worth celebrating for me, since we finally got to start writing again on Tuesday.


I'm abritrarily giving a general warning amnesty for a certain period. Click on the percentage by your name; if the date of the warning says May 1, 2005; May 2, 2005 or May 3, 2005, get one of the mods to remove it.