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Full Version: Trans-Atlantic Attitude Survey
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Lord Bitememan
As usual I was thinking about the trans-Atlantic divide and it occurred to me to make a poll and see how U-Pers feel.
Both statements are correct, and I am American.
both statements are correct and i am european.

we could all learn a lot from each other, and that goes for most countries around the world. each country has something to give to the other.
Both statements are correct, and I am American.
could you not ask such open ended questions?
both are correct and I am american!
Lord Bitememan
Russian, if you like I could create 8 polls with the options "Yes or No." I figured I would tailor the poll to cover a broad range of attitudes and information about the person answering rather than 8 polls that could be fucked up by everybody.
Sovy Kurosei
But I'm not an American or a European!
Canada is more like America, but you can go either way.

Learn from each other and American. Americans can learn how to not start wars and Europeans can learn how to decrease their unemployment.
Both statements are correct... I am neither one...
both statements are correct.

a lot of my favourite authors are american, and i have learned a lot from them. i see no reason why we cannot learn from anywhere we want, hell there are even lessons to be (re)learned from bush's militaristic adventures.

it seems some lessons need learning again and again.

on the same topic, i have a dispute with the adage "those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it" - i think it should be "those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it".

parrot learning the names of kings/presidents teaches little except how to score well in stupid GK quizzes, and pass stupid GK exams.
I change my vote to Both statements are correct and I am an American.

America can learn something from Europe, like how to bluff and pretend to be better at (whatever) than you really are. Europeans can learn to not take crap, stand up for yourself, and for the love of God, learn to play MEN's basketball, not that wussified version they have...
They're all wrong! I'm neither European OR American. Damn euro-american-centric posters.
Lord Bitememan
The other possibility, Nalvaros, is that nobody was talking to you.
They're both right and I'm a European. Obviously what Gnu says is also true that we can learn from anyone, except perhaps from the Welsh - who are rubbish.
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