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BS in Mathematical and Computer Sciences, have taken the classes for both a CS and an MA degree, area of special interest in Electrical Engineering, full completement of introductory engineering courses, used to work in a Microbiology lab. I've been studying Complex Adaptive Systems for the last year and am currently a developer on the Swarm Project.
M.S. in Chemistry, specifically Analytical Chemistry. Primary focus was spectroscopy and optical studies of molecular properties. Typical complement of math and physics courses, with a couple of extra quantum mechanics classes. Worked for five years an process engineer in thin film deposition (depositing sub-micrometer thickness layers of materials) for optical and surface-hardness applications.
In the beginning of getting a master's degree in molecular biology, will aim towards genetic engineering/research, with hopefully some behavioural science thrown in. I've also taken some genetic/microbiology courses on the side. Have worked as an English teacher (regular plus extra classes for those with problems) at a private school for children age 13-14 for a year, having full responsibility for two classes. Did my project at the end of school before starting uni in advanced physics, namely the string theory. Have studied French 6 years, Spanish one year, Japanese one year (in my free time, the others at school), and English 9 years. Basic computer knowledge (html and such). Am an empath. 4 years of martial arts (3 years JuJutsu (green belt), one year Bujinkan (red belt)). Higher education test (to study at uni) results at 1.8 (out of 2.0, among the best 3% in Sweden when I took it.
Err...I feel pitiful upon reading all of your science credentials. I took the first half of AP Physics. I took a C++ programming course at the first semester last year, and have taken honors science courses my 10-12th grade years (12 was 1/2 AP Physics). I took Calculus I last year, and got a 95 in it.
None. All of my knowlege is acquired outside of school.
Uhm, I have regents credits in biology, chemistry and earth science, and am doing good in physics.

And I read some magazines.

Otherwise, no credentials
VCE Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Maths. Let me not forget an intense desire to exit this particular part of the boreds.
None to speak of. I wont contribute much to conversations, i'll just read to learn what i can. go ninja lurk mode!
I like muffins.
Sir Buckethead
I once balanced a spoon on my nose for two hours.

but seriously, I passed chemistry last semester. High fives all around!
Uh...geeze...not quite up there with everyone else.

Did chemistry and physics all the way through to grade 12.
Apart from that, only my own reading on relativity and quantumn stuff.

Oh, and of course, i did learn quite a bit from doing debates with creationists.
Not that any of it stuck wink.gif

If its worth anything, both my parents were scientists. So NERRRR:P
purvisxiii wife is an AP Physics teacher (plus a stupid section of Chem.)

Natural science program in .. whatever grades 10-12 is called...
I have studied some maths, genetics, microbiology and chemistry at university. I am currently studying the molecular biology program (to masters degree to begin with), I want to add some maths and physics into those studies at some point if I am able to fit it in. I am a self taught programmer (mostly Java but some C++ and other stuff too) and computer graphics artist (3D graphics mostly). I also do non-computer art like drawing and painting.

I have worked a year as a teacher (grades 6-9, mostly 7) in maths, natural sciences, art, web design and programming and some history, I was also one of the mentors for the 7th grade at that school. I have also done some web design for some companies.

I practiced judo for 6 years and are now practicing bujinkan budo taijutsu. I have also practiced some archery, it was fun and I think I will start doing that again.

I have by myself studied and experimented with some parapsychology, chaos magick, kabbalism, mikkyo and nordic rune magic.

I can speak and read Swedish and English, I know a little Japanese (currently studying more) and a tiny amount of French.
Master of social & cultural anthropology, PhD and postdoc researcher in experimental psychology, currently first year of three in Masters' specialisation in mathematical psychology.
MsC in systems ecology

The more interesting advanced courses I took along the way include evolutionary biology, conservation and evolutionary ecology, tropical resource management, zoosystematics.

Currently planning my PhD thesis [details are scetchy but its going to be based on spatial resilience theory and ecosystems as complex adaptive Llywelyn!]

Also dabbled in some economic classes and other social sciences.
Sovy Kurosei
I'm your layman. I don't know much, nor can I comprehend that much. Big words scare me.

Damn, your loaded Thuri...
Mr Clean
Not too much more than a layman. A year at an engineering school, an associate's of science from a community college. Now I'm working on my BA in linguistics and soon also a minor in CS.

I also have a fifth degree blackbelt in shitty jobs. I can make a sandwich, chop down or trim a tree, make firewood, drive a moving van, sell music or software, set up a school carnival, make popcorn, clean a movie theater, clean a house, wash dishes, watch kids, kill dragons and rescue princesses. I think that about does it.
Doing a Bsc/BA degree majoring in psychology, advanced chemistry international relations and industrial relations.
Dont know much about biology, dont know much about history. But what I do know is that I love you too...

(edit: since I started to post here, I should probably conform to the informal rules and post my credentials as well. The list is short, it includes a Bachelor and nothing more. Currently working on a graduate degree in the US, and hopefully a year away from getting piled higher and deeper).
Studying for an MSci Physics (one more year to go), looking at getting a 2:1 or 1st. Very much into the experimentalist side of things.

Errrr.... I cant compare to all your credentials. Ive only just entered uni doing a a double degree in Commerce and Computer Science. Plus my reading into the occasional estoric subject like Quantum Mechanics and Relativity.

Other than that......... my cousin's fiancee has a PhD in Biochemistry.. Does that count? wink.gif

Zargosa>>> What in the world is mathenatical psychology?
nalvaros - its when you use mathematical models to predict human actions and such.

Dont know too much on it
Pretty much, yeah. Not only behaviour though. All of science requires a measure of mathematics. In order to formulate a model that can explain data, you have to be able to give a mathematical description of that model.

To illustrate, I'm currently working on an explanatory model for a number of optical illusions which requires a serious load of differential geometry, complex analysis, same calculus and of course inferential statistics.

The need for mathematics is rather simple in an experimental science: when you collect data you'll have to analyse it somehow.
Final year (fingers crossed) Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Department, with a slant towards Data Communications and Control Systems and Instrumentation.

Keen interest in all sciences, particularly Biology.

Team leader representing the school in national level Maths and Science competitions. We won the former and was second in the latter, both on the same year. And then my 'O' Level results came in and everybody wondered why I got 11 out of a possible 6 (English system, the lower the better)

Australian Maths Competition Distinction and Higher (participated 3 times...)

Have worked in everything from selling and building computers to supermarket checkout to a multi-national company as part of the technical staff in their automation section.

Contact sparring for about 8 years, no belts as I never went formal (don't need to register as a lethal weapon, heh heh heh).

Speak 2 languages fluently, 2 enough to get by, understand 2 more, and smatterings of about 3 others.

Other than that, nothing spectacular. I just tend to know history, military tactics and equipment, religion and other bits and pieces like that from self books and primary/HS curriculums (we did 8 subjects right up to Form 3: English, Malay, History, Science, Maths, Religious Knowledge *rollseyes*, Commerce, Art).
zargosa>> yes.... i understood that.... barely.

Caeleddin>> Im slightly confused. Are you in Malaysia or Australia? Speaking of which, I will probably want to get some pointers from you as to how to get a job =/
Nalvaros - I was born in Malaysia and studied in their education system until Primary 3. Then, I went to Brunei and studied until Secondary 5, with the exception of about 4 months in Singapore during Secondary 4. Brunei follows the Singapore education system, anyways, which in turn is based on the British one. After than, I did Secondary 6 and 7 in NZ and then Univeristy in NZ, where I am at currently.

Brunei has national competitions on Science, Maths and English, but the English one is more for Lower Secondary students. All the schools nationwide send a team to compete. Science and Maths, needless to say, consisted of the best of the best tongue.gif

The Australian Maths Competition is an annual international competition, which is probably where you got confused. I took it twice in Brunei and once in NZ.

As for the job, well, I guess you are talking about the multi-nat company. For that one, I just got lucky. They needed help and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Oh it's good to see people who are doing psychology

Russian and zaragosa:
Would you two mind if I wanted to ask some questions regarding psychology?

Anyways, atm i'm studying psychology and a basic German course. Other than that, oh I have been a finalist in and Mock trial competition, I don't know why I mentioned it, but I thought I should lol.
Ask away, but I think a new thread would be in order.
So not everybody are complete geeks... yet.

I'll join the geek team. I'm aiming to get a Ph.D. in computational biology/biomathematics (whatever the name is), to specialize in the evolutionary aspect of everything, in, say, 10-15 years from now?

And then probably get a Nobel for completing Network Tierra to create a concious, I'll settle for a highly complex digital biological system from a primordial soup of bits.

Marry a model.

Get the first fully ecologically-friendly Porsche.

Save the rainforests.

Rule the world.

Not too much to ask, right?
Could've sworn this thread is about CREDENTIALS, not FANTASIES......
True Liberal
I'm studying to get a Masters degree in Engineering Physics. That's about it.
I have no credentials, only this thing up here *tap skull* that I rarely use.
B.A. in Criminal Justice (minor in Economics)
A.S. in Business

As for science specific credentials, a modest amount. Introductory college courses in psychology, chemistry. Some upper division biology.
Sir Buckethead
*looks at TFK*

how are you defining "concious"?
<feeling small>
Beginning a BS in Chemical Engineering (if Lly can't talk me out of it) at Colorado School of Mines, minor in Public Affairs, second minor undecided. Other than that . . . did well in high school, social science focus (mostly english classes). Blah. Go me.
*feeling smaller*

uh... since I'm just finishing the first year of high school, nothing much. Not too many advanced courses.

I am near fluent in Spanish, though. Oh, and I've played the Horn for many years.
the Liberty Horn?
If you want. I prefer to call it the 'F Horn', as it should be.
Mr Clean
QUOTE (Ailea @ May 14 2003, 05:20 AM)
<feeling small>
Beginning a BS in Chemical Engineering (if Lly can't talk me out of it) at Colorado School of Mines, minor in Public Affairs, second minor undecided. Other than that . . . did well in high school, social science focus (mostly english classes). Blah. Go me.

I am so, so sorry for you.
Working on my BS in Chemical Engineering and also gonna grab a degree in economics.
I be a bit of a clever cloggs i see.

I've got a BSc in Physics errr, lets not discuss which classification I got.

and an MSc in Computing. Got average mark for this, but distinctions in coursework.

I'm also the found of stevietopianism and the inventor hero of the notion of the Stevietocracy. That u've heared often about and in the future hopefully a lot more.
Final year Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, focusing on Network Security.

I used to do a BE/BCom conjoint with an Accounting major but I quit it because:

1) I can't be bothered spending 1 more year at University without doing a professional job.

2) Accounting is boring. I found Economics much more interesting, but can't find any correlation with Computer Engineering to persue an Economics major.

My final year thesis on Computer Engineering, which I am persuing now, is to build a anti-hacking software that'll block DOS attacks on private networks and trace the attacks to their source. It'll be open source and hopefully would pop up at as a popular open source software.
So far just my ASE(automotive service excellence) Master Technician certificate, and working on my mechanical and electronic engineering technology degree.
Well since I'm posting in this forum now, may as well do mine.

Currently working on: BA (Honours) in Philosophy.
Thesis: Untitled. I'm arguing our concept of human person breaks down into the biological concept human animal, and the psychological concept person, each with different persistence conditions.

Most of my current coursework/independent study has been in Value Theory, Philosophy of Mind, or Ancient Philosophy.
No real credentials here (yet), but done a bunch of outside reading and participated in a lot of (informal) scientific debates. And half my family has a Ph.D so I've picked a lot up from them.
Lost in Linux
I don't think ive put my credentials down soooo

I am working towards a BS in Computer Science with most likely a concentration in natural language processing. Also i will be working towards a BA in Linguistics with a focus in natural language. And i will also attempt a minor in arabic. Good times.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
I'm working my way towards a Joint Ba/Bsc(it can be either) in sociology and psychology.
It just occured to me i never really put my "official" stuff in here.

I'm in the later years of BA Economics/BA Arts (religious in religionS, not theology or bible studies, though i did do historical jesus). Enough comments on how they don't mix, and how its strange that anyone who is interested in economics is also interested in religion and vice versa.

Don't let that fool you though, my strength and passion is philosophy, and I see pretty much everything as a subset of that. Though i seem to be part of a dying number who doesn't really see any barrier or contradiction between my choice of fields.

Indeed, if you can think of philosophy, economics, and physics not as three subjects, but one, you'll be a step closer to understanding where i'm coming from.
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