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Anyone is fair game.

I downloaded that crap you linked me to, but you'll have to remind me of the name of it so I can find it. tongue.gif

Watched part of a game, and i've only played once so i'm sure you'll beat me.
As in the game Go? I love that game
Go is fun, I have not played it much but I like the amount of strategy that is possible with so few and simple rules.
I love Go.Even when you think you've got the game,a few moves can give the victory to your opponent.
Rhymes With Silver
Still up for game?

I can play, what lounge.
I play primarily on IGS, I haven't been on recently, but feel free to swing by :-)

I'll also play here, though it will take the short side of forever.
Rhymes With Silver
IGS?? Don't know what that is, but I'm not against finding out...
Internet Go Server.

Rhymes With Silver
A link would be helpful...


BTW, you are right, it will take us over a year to finish this game.

Google is your friend ;-)
Have any of you read Shibumi?

Neat book, about this international assasin. He was trained since a very young age to play Go, and sees the whole world as a metaphor for the game.
Rhymes With Silver

k, i will check it out at a later time (prefferably when it is not the middle of eng. class...)
Is go kinda like checkers?
As far as I can tell, its a vastly more complicated equivalent.

But players get upset when ou mkae those sort of comparisions,.
Mr Clean
mhallex, that's probably because the only similarity between Go and Checkers is that they're played on a board with round pieces of plastic..

In Go, the entire idea is to place your pieces, and you can play them almost anywhere on the board, so that you form chains of pieces and enclose spots on the board, and gain territory. In the process, if you surround an opponent's single piece or a chain of pieces, then you can capture, and the territory is yours.

Basically, the person with the most spots, or territory, at the end of the game wins.

It's a very fun game.
infinitely more difficult than chess, even moreso with checkers. I suck at it. My brain doesn't work that way.
Esh, you want to play right now?

can't. I'm at school, and teusdays are my shit days. What server again?

Wait... are you even halfway serious?
I'm serious.

and on yahoo?
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