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The Poster Formerly Known as Y2A
I would like to suggest creating a "chatroom". I saw one on the Che-Lives forum a while ago, and it was pretty good. I recommend we get one.
Deus Ex Machina
Like, an IRC `chatroom', or one of those "real time" chatboxes like they have in vBulletin?
the second one, I think.
We had one, early on. It was fun.
FIST Shenlong
yeah, we had one a long time ago. If there is enough interest I can register a channel for us

EDIT: and IRC channel, people will have to download and learn how to use an irc program
I also suggest we get an IRC channel...

FIST Shenlong
No interest = I'm not registering a channel
Baron Von Uberleet
Well, we can get an IRC channel and put a password on it, gonna take us 15 minutes to set up.
Baron Von Uberleet
But such would require IP banning Rolly in pre-emptively though.
Deus Ex Machina
interest in an IRC channel
Interest in anything.
FIST Shenlong
The problem is teaching/getting people to use an IRC program. But I'm up for it, I've set up channels before
I was gonna say, you think half the people onthis board are actually capable of using irc tongue.gif
Baron Von Uberleet
14 year old girls can use IRC. Those who cant grasp it, do we really want them using it?
A chat room would be nice. IRC would do, im sure.
FIST Shenlong
Very well, #u-p @ is up. There is also a webchat on their homepage for those who can't figure out irc. I've just registered the channel, nothing fancy. I'll be idling so.. whatever.
I'm up for it.
The channel is up and the only person I've seen there is rolly trying some command I didn't recognize.. trying to hide his hostmask or something
Well frankly I'm not sure there are actually enough people here to sustain interest in an active IRC channel.

But yeah, I'm semi-interested.
Hmmm. I just visited the channel there today. It's pretty empty. Completely empty infact.

Oh, and incidentally you should give me ops. Just because.
Deus Ex Machina
Indeed. Out of the past 5 times or so that I've been there, the channel has been empty 100% of the time.
my fault, I forgot to add joining #U-P to my list of channels to join. Like someone said, u-p doesn't have enough posters to make a viable irc channel. Maybe weekly scheduled chats are a possibility tho..
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