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I would like to hear what LI and NoorAlHuda think of this guy especially. Read through the whole thing (I've just gotten into one article, and its interesting already).
amna = NoorAlHuda?

interesting site. found this under a link labeled "Bush"
Our Message of Condolences and Solidarity
to President George W. Bush
after the Barbarian Attack against
the Government and the People of the
United States of America

Text of the message that the Italian Muslim Association and the Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community sent to the President of the United States of America after the criminal aggression of 23 Jumad at-Thani 1422 - September 11, 2001:

Dear Mr. President,

In the name of the Board of Governors of the Italian Muslim Association and of the Muslims of Italy I would like to convey my deep condolences to the American people for your grief, which is really the grief of the whole of humanity, due to this terrible tragedy, whose cruelty and wickedness are beyond words and imagination.

May Allah the Most High soon heal all the wounds - physical, mental and spiritual - that that horrible crime has caused, and may He give the civil world under your leadership the strength to joint forces for the promotion of that healing, and for a just punishment which is adequate to the nature of the crime.

With sincere regards,

Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi

Secretary General, Italian Muslim Association
Director, Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community
mailto:[email protected]

The Muslims of Italy ask for a joint international pursue of justice and for the punishment of the culprits. A declaration issued on 28 Jumad at-Thani 1422 - September 16, 2001

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

May peace, Allah's mercy and His blessings be upon all of you.

September 11, 2001: Our sincerest prayers go out to all who have suffered, and those whose families or friends have suffered. We pray that Allah the Most High may grant patience to all who have lost friends and family in this tragedy. We pray that Allah Ta'ala may guide all of the Children of Adam during these difficult times. And, we pray that all communities in America and world citizens of all faiths find peace and healing from within themselves and their prayers.

Among the mix of emotions and questions, there is a sense of immense human tragedy. Thousands of innocent lives have perished in senseless violence, a sense of anger and frustration Condemning those barbarian criminal who carried out this violence is the easy part. Almost any rational human will consider this act reprehensible. But the bigger question still remains, why is all of this happening? Which demons in human form are benefiting from this carnage?

The word of Allah Ta'ala in the Glorious Qur'an is forcefully clear, and its meaning is:

"...Whosoever kills a human being other than in punishment for manslaughter or for causing corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all humanity, and whoso saved the life of a human being, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all humanity." (al-Ma'idah, 32)

The events in America on 11th September 2001 cause every thinking person to stop their daily lives and ponder deeply upon the larger questions of life. There are two possible responses to what has occurred. The first comes from reason, the second from fear. If we come from fear we may panic and do things - as individuals and as nations - that could only cause further damage. If we come from reason we will find refuge and strength, even as we provide it to others.

We may seek to pinpoint blame, or to pinpoint cause. Unless we take this time to earnestly reflect on this experience, it will be difficult to resolve the emotions within us. If we let ourselves be guided only by our legitimate emotions, we will miss the most basic human lessons and be blind to the most basic human truths. The message we hear from all sources of truth is clear: in front of this huge tragedy, concerned human being are all One; we are all One, must defend our lives, our honor and our freedom as One, and must punish the culprits as One.

The Prophet Muhammad, Allah's blessings and peace be upon him, said, "All human beings come from Adam, and Adam comes from dust". That is a message the human race has in some cases ignored. Forgetting this truth is the cause of hatred and war, and the way to remember this is simple: through compassion and joint work for the good and the progress of humanity. Cleaning humanity from the raving ideology which made this tragedy possible, punishing the material executors and their accomplishers in a duty according to the Law of Islam, and we sincerely hope will also be felt as a moral duty by the civil nations and by their leaders.

Allah Ta'ala says in the Qur'an what means,

"... If Allah had so willed, He would have made you a single community, but His plan is to test you in what He has given you. So strive as in a race for good deeds. The return of you all is to Allah; it is He that will show you the truth of the matters in which you dispute." (al-Ma'idah, 48)

The present situation offers all of us a precious occasion to strive for good deeds. What the innocent victims are asking from all of the concerned Children of Adam is to contribute, each of us in reason of his possibilities, to clean the contemporary world from the shame of suicide terrorism, to form a joint task force to support right and justice, in order to defeat those who plan the evil, instigate it, and prepare the ideological ground for its diffusion.

May peace, Allah's mercy and His blessings be upon all of you.

Board of Governors, Italian Muslim Association
Direction, Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community
mailto:[email protected]
interesting stuff....
found this under Chechniya:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We make supplication for Allah to open the gates of Jannah al-Firdaws for

al-Mufti al-Mujahid Shahid Hajj Ahmad Kadyrov

who received martydom because of the crime committed the people of heresy and misguidance, on for his clear and uncompromising words and actions in defense of Islam, for the preservation of the 'aqidah of Ahlu-s-Sunnah wa-l-Jama'ah and in order to prevent thew spreading of fitnah and fasad from Najd.

May Allah, 'Azza wa Jall, help us to learn from his worthy example.
Insha Allah, we ask Muslims to support him and his Mujahiddin with du'ahs.

Because of lack of reliable information, people who are misinformed about the Republic of Chechnya were supposing that the Chechen people are involved - astaghfir-Ullah al-'Azhim, in claimed "jihad against Russia".

The reality is quite different from propaganda circulated by heretic sects who are affiliated of the people from Najd: the whole area of the Muslim former-Soviet Republics has become a central point in the project of Wahhabi expansion. Because of the inner weakness of most of those countries, some Wahhabi-oriented terrorists are trying to conquer them by force, and to install there a Khawarij, Taliban-like dictatorship. May Allah save our brothers and sisters from what those people conjure in their secret meetings. They are, as always, trying to extinguish Allah's light, and to export Wahhabism in countries where it never existed before.

Chechnya has become a battlefield since Wahhabis want to occupy it "spiritually", by corrupting the Islamic 'aqidah and impose heresy by force, while secularist are satasfied with mere material dominion. Sunni Muslims are - as in many other cases - the main victims of this tragedy. May Allah Ta'ala help them to free themselves from this menace, and may He grant them relief after hardship.

While meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov, on the day of Shaykh Kadyrov's martyrdom, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called the late Chechen president and Sunni scholar "a really heroic person."

"Shaykh Ahmad Kadyrov left this life on May 9 ... undefeated," Putin said. .

Praise be to Allah and Allah knows best.

May Allah accept your fast and salawat and grant you a Ramadan mubarak.

Wa-s-salamu 'alaykum wa rahmat-Ullahi wa barakatuH.

Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi
Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community
[email protected]
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Note: This message was written during (Ramadan 1420). With Allah help, on Safar 1421 Allah gave the Muslims victory against their heretic persecutor, and the situation in Chechnya offered with Allah's help an opportunity to save the Iman of the People of Sunnah and Jama'ah. Mashkadov betrayed both his Din and his people, and allied himself with the Wahhabi and Wahhabized militiamen who were at war wqith Allah and His Rasul, sall-Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam. He was deposed from the presidency, and replaced by Bislan Gantamirov, who retired after some months, entrusting his authority to Shaykh Kadyrov, who until today is civil pelenipotentiary administrator of the Republic of Chechnya To read a recent interview with Shaykh Kadyrov click .
heh, hey slam NOI and Farrakan here

Fatwa against NOI
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