On behalf of the Lame Duck Committee, we have a number of accouncements to make. First and foremost, to say that we have (at long last) come to a decision regarding the Banned Ones or Damned Ones, however you want to call them.

We have decided to allow Alexander Hamilton and Sam Adams back on PAROLE. This is a rather strict parole, where both will get basically one chance to get it right. Ban warnings for the time being do not apply to them, and a warning-worthy offence will result in another banning. Please, folks, try to avoid trolling and flamming.

This goes for other posters as well. We're giving mods broader discression in the enforcement of rules, and asking for a crackdown on flamming/spamming in Website Feedback and Politics. We mean it this time, too. If the lot of you decide to go on a flame fest, don't be surprised when you can't post for a week.

In other news, the Lame Duck Committee is such for a reason. In addition to myself, Acow and QWOT are both, for personal time management reasons, resigning from Oversight.

I will be opening the nomination thread this Friday in Website Feedback, probably when I get home from work (usually between about 11 and noon EST). It will be left open for one week, until the following Friday, when I will close nominations and open voting; the same length is going to be allowed for voting.

The standard rules for elections apply here. I'll be personally keeping the threads clean, so don't try anything cute like making a subtle flame as a vote or nomination.

Let's TRY to remain civil, people, and not just be UP with pictures and nifty avatars.