As of this post, members are forbidden from registering multiple accounts. Any attempts to do this is ban-worthy.

This is specifically directed towards accounts whose primary purpose is;

1) To flame/troll.
2) To mask ones identity.

For any other purpose, members may request in the Website feedback forum for permission to create a new account, if valid reasons are given. If you have a good reason to create a secondary account which you do not want being made public, then you can PM a mod/OS/admin. Frivoulous PMs may be issued with warnings.

Current alternate accounts will not be touched for the moment, but if used to cause trouble will likely be deleted.

Any questions may be directed towards Website Feedback.

p.s. The previous use of multiple accounts to prevent registrations of your alternate UP accounts is no longer valid for future purposes, instead you can post in WF (preferred) or PM one ofthe staff to ask for the name to be barred from registration.