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" width="8" height="8"/> 10 guilty men vs. 1 innocent man
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Bayesian methodology
post Jun 1 2005, 12:52 PM
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"Better ten guilty acquitted than one innocent man convicted."

I've heard this quote or numerous similar quotes many times. I never really paid much attention to it until now But now that I do, I find it to be completely absurd especially if the crime involved is a violent one. First of all, if you say 10 to 1, why not 20 to 1? 100 to 1? 1000 to 1? Why risk sending an innocent man to prison at all?

Let's examine a 1 to 1 ratio. Is society really better off with a predator on the streets if it keeps 1 innocent man out of prison? Being that this is a philosophy forum, I expect plenty of abstract rhetoric and nonsense involving the word liberty. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I'd prefer to examine the question from a practical perspective, however.
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