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post Jul 21 2004, 07:15 AM
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Always trust a bank manager.

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This is tiring. I'm debating a racist metalhead on genetics, citing source after source. Someone please help me debunk him further.

Summarization: He says intelligence is based on genetics, there is such a thing as an intelligence gene, or rather a group thereof ( :rolleyes: ), and blacks have lower IQs than whites because of nature, not nuture. Everything in a quote is what I said in a previous post. If anything is confusing, ask me to clerify. This is the middle of a debate. I think you should understand what's going on easily enough, though.

(Anything emphasized in bold was his doing, not mine)

Given the fact that a white man can be genetically closer to a black man, your statement is irrelevent.

Indeed, but the chances of that are unlikely. Tell me: why would two individuals from the same gene pool be less similar than two individuals from different gene pools? That is against any and all ecological common sense; anything stating otherwise is quite simply false. If you like, I can show you a sensible ecological model that states so.

Of course mental illnesses can be hereditary.

In nature there is no real difference between "ill" and "not ill." In other words, a mutation late in the sequence of a gene that codes for something that eventually determines intellect would simply be detrimental to the person's intellect. However, a mutation early in the sequence could mentally handicap him.

But again, a black can be closer to a white than another black, making the implication that an intelligence gene (or group thereof) is more present (or even exists) in the white race irrelevent.

This is false.


I'll go through this article in my next post.

But since any child, regardless of color, can be naturally inclined to be curious, race is irrelevent .

Where do you think this "natural inclination" comes from? ;)

If you aren't taught the material being asked, you can't answer it. That doesn't mean you're stupid - just in an unfortunate environment.

Even simple online IQ tests are based on pattern detection that requires no previous learning to pick up on.

You continue to suggest significant evolution over relatively short periods of time. Human genetics haven't changed significantly since homo sapiens first appeared 130,000 years ago. Much of the world was still focused in what is now the middle east until relatively recently ago.

Small amounts of evolution (such as differences noted among the races) can easily develop in somewhat isolated populations over merely a few thousand years.
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post Sep 28 2004, 06:48 AM
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All shots and nothing

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Actually, I went to one of the largest public schools in my city. Additionally, not a few years back multiple surrounding schools were closed, so I assure you we had the a whole range of students from that influx.

As for the cheating going on, I personally have not really encountered cheating amongst *any* group, although this may depend on your definition of cheating. If you include helping each other on assignments etc etc, I will be the first to admit that it happened quite abit across all groups. However, actual cheating in tests has not happened as far as I am aware.

As for whether asians really are smarter, I cannot say for sure either way when it comes to genetics - I dont know enough to make a conclusive comment. However, as for why asians as a group on average score higher, I put it down to culture. The kids are pressured to work hard, and therefore study harder/put in extra time and effort. As a result, they get better marks. Quite simple really.

It would be quite presumptious for me to suddenly say I know the parents and grandparents of every person in the school - I dont, and hence I dont have even anecdotal evidence to back up any such statement (which I made in jest in the first place). Do you?

As for asian culture it has its advantages and disadvantages, however to say it has a very greedy creed in inaccurate. Asian culture covers a whole range of differing cultures, from Indian, to Chinese, to Japanese - each with their own quirks. Studying hard merely appears to be a common feature in all of them. On the other hand, I cannot say the same of "being greedy", and as for innovation both China and India have in the past been considered advanced civilisations (with China actually being the most advanced civilisation right up until the Industrail revolution). I fail to see how that is possible if their cultures inherently stymied innovation.
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post Sep 28 2004, 08:22 AM
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Stick it to the man...

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Two words. Vicarious achievement.

Another two words. Filial Piety.

That being said, the "protestant work ethic" isn't without its problems either.
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post Jun 1 2006, 11:11 PM
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Nenemo Ari

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there are two champions - one of them can run 20k in 3.43mins, the other in 3.41mins.

my god - what a loser that second one is, and the people being championed are clearly inferior and should either be exterminated or enslaved. <_<

why isnt it taught at school how obvious it is that defining oneself and others as 'races' and then trying to glean some measure of self worth from 'your race' is a prime and golden example of inferiority and insecurity complexes?

to put this another way, there have been (on rare occasions :P) fellow classmates wh were not as clever as me - they were comparitively stupid. Should i then therefore feel i can put them down, or abuse them? Yet these racists go further, and actually not only put people down not for their level of intellect, but their... 'races'!!!

or course, what the person claiming "black people are stupid therefore you are stupid" is trying to hint is that "white people are clever therefore i am clever" - once again revealing their insecurity.

there are of course those racists who hate 'inferior races' because they beleive in 'superior races' (Gods Chosen etc etc etc), or/and beleive in Darwinian evolution in its perspective of aiming for 'perfection', neitschiean 'uber-mensch' who revile what they consider to be weakness - there are always imbeciles that Life hasnt given the necessary lessons to help them grow up to be adults, but they hardly need to be listened to.

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